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Walking and Running

Player characters may either walk or run, standard key to toggle between the two modes is 'r'. Base velocity values are defined in CharStats.txt and are the same to all classes, say 6 while walking and 9 while running. Some non-player units also use both modi, depending on individual AI. Necessary parameters are defined in MonStats.txt. Note that some units will graphically use both modi, but with the same velocity. Movement speed is subject to a variety of influences.

* This also affects any unit which wears an armor.

Movement mode doesn't affect skills which include character's movement in their attack cycle. This applies to Barbarian's Whirlwind, Leap and Leap Attack as well as to Paladin's Charge. Sorceress' Teleport is also no subject to movement mode.
Attacking and Casting animations won't be affected by movement speed or mode, too.


As long as you actually run your defense is ignored completely, each enemy attack will have a 100% Chance to Hit. Your shield blocking ability is cut down to a third.
Movement speed is enhanceable via some skills and certain equipment, but can also be decreased by foeish curses or slowing effects.
Also armor and shield weights will slow you down. Armors' classification is the same one already known with stamina drain. But stamina does not affect movement speed in any way.


RunTU/s = eFRW + [(Vrun * 100)/Vwalk] + (1+ (FRWskill+Slow)/100%) - 100 - ∑Armorspeed mit eFRW = [(150 * FRWitem) / (150 + FRWitem)]

Run: movement speed, lower Limit at 15 TU/s: Tile Units per second (1TU ≈ 2/3yard) Vrun: velocity from CharStats.txt, run from MonStats.txt respectively Vwalk walk from CharStats.txt, velocity from MonStats.txt respectively Slow: slowing effects (Cold has -50% for players) FRWskill: movement bonus granted by skills FRWitem: movement bonus granted by items eFRW: effective movement bonus granted by items Armorspeed: from Armor.txt [ ]: Floor Function


Charge velocity

Paladin's Charge attack grants a straight bonus of 150% to walking speed, movement mode is automatically set to 'run' while charging (and, if in walking mode befrore, will reset it after the attack). This value is defined in Skills.txt as velocity increase. Running speed while charging is not affected by item boni.

RunCharge = Vrun * (1 + FRWskill+Slow+Armorspeed) * 150%

% are skipped at both sides of formula


Another example with consideration of Skills.txt entries. Barbarian's Frenzy attack grants a movement speed bonus depending on skill level. This is controlled via a dm34 function, which means Parameter3 as X and Parameter4 as Y are substituted in following formula:

dmXY = { (Y - X) * [110*sLvl / (sLvl + 6)] / 100 } + X thus for Frenzy dm34 = { (200 - 20) * [110*sLvl / (sLvl + 6)] / 100 } + 20

sLvl: actual skill level [ ]: Floor Function { }: Ceiling Function

More about handling of formulas in configuration data is found at Xeno's and kingpin's Formula Guide over at the Phrozen Keep. For common players maybe the existing calculators are good enough, though.

Amazon's Evasive skills

Amazon's Evasive skills Dodge, Avoid and Evade will need eight frames per animation. They seem to be accelerated by skills granting attack speed bonus, thus in unmodified game a friendly Fanaticism aura only (also Assassin's Burst of Speed, if it would be available to Zons).

see also:

Some links are quite old and discuss 1.09. But 1.1x didn't change general mechanisms, just the monsters' values were increased.



velocity penalty on armors and shields
Quilted Armor/Ghost Armor/Dusk ShroudLeather Armor/Serpentskin Armor/WyrmhideHard Leather Armor/Demonhide Armor/Scarab Husk0
(no penalty)
Quilted Armor
Ghost Armor
Dusk Shroud
Leather Armor
Serpentskin Armor
Hard Leather Armor
Demonhide Armor
Scarab Husk
Studded Leather Armor/Trellised Armor/Wire FleeceBreast Plate/Cuirass/Great HauberkLight Plate/Mage Plate/Archon Plate0
(no penalty)
Studded Leather Armor
Trellised Armor
Wire Fleece
Breast Plate
Great Hauberk
Light Plate
Mage Plate
Archon Plate
Ring Mail/Linked Mail/Diamond MailChain Mail/Mesh Armor/BoneweaveSplint Mail/Russet Armor/Balrog Skin5
Ring Mail
Linked Mail
Diamond Mail
Chain Mail
Mesh Armor
Splint Mail
Russet Armor
Balrog Skin
Field Plate/Sharktooth Armor/Kraken ShellGothic Plate/Embossed Plate/Lacquered PlateAncient Armor/Ornate Armor/Sacred Armor5
Field Plate
Sharktooth Armor
Kraken Shell
Gothic Plate
Embossed Plate
Lacquered Plate
Ancient Armor
Ornate Armor
Sacred Armor
Scale Mail/Tigulated Mail/Loricated MailPlate Mail/Templar Coat/Hellforged PlateFull Plate/Chaos Armor/Shadow Plate10
Scale Mail
Tigulated Mail
Loricated Mail
Plate Mail
Templar Coat
Hellforged Plate
Full Plate
Chaos Armor
Shadow Plate
Buckler/Defender/HeaterSmall Shield/Round Shield/LunaKite Shield/Dragon Shield/Monarch0
(no penalty)
Small Shield
Round Shield
Kite Shield
Dragon Shield
 Spike Shield/Barbed Shield/Blade BarrierBone Shield/Grim Shield/Troll Nest0
(no penalty)
Spike Shield
Barbed Shield
Blade Barrier
Bone Shield
Grim Shield
Troll Nest
 Large Shield/Scutum/HyperionGothic Shield/Ancient Shield/Ward5
Large Shield
Gothic Shield
Ancient Shield
 Tower Shield/Pavise/Aegis10
Tower Shield
 Targe/Akaran Targe/Sacred TargeRondache/Akaran Rondache/Sacred Rondache0
(no penalty)
Akaran Targe
Sacred Targe
Akaran Rondache
Sacred Rondache
Heraldic Shield/Protector Shield/Kurast ShieldAerin Shield/Gilded Shield/Zakarum ShieldCrown Shield/Royal Shield/Vortex Shield0
(no penalty)
Heraldic Shield
Protector Shield
Kurast Shield
Aerin Shield
Gilded Shield
Zakarum Shield
Crown Shield
Royal Shield
Vortex Shield
Preserved Head/Mummified Trophy/Minion SkullZombie Head/Fetish Trophy/Hellspawn SkullUnraveller Head/Sexton Trophy/Overseer Skull0
(no penalty)
Preserved Head
Mummified Trophy
Minion Skull
Zombie Head
Fetish Trophy
Hellspawn Skull
Unraveller Head
Sexton Trophy
Overseer Skull
 Gargoyle Head/Cantor Trophy/Succubus SkullDemon Head/Heirophant Trophy/Bloodlord Skull0
(no penalty)
Gargoyle Head
Cantor Trophy
Succubus Skull
Demon Head
Heirophant Trophy
Bloodlord Skull

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