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This collection was selfishly started to prevent me from looking after some details again and again in a variety of boards. So there is an important disclaimer you should be aware of:

These FAQtoids are based on best of my knowledge to use search functions and verify results by my best means. However, this doesn't mean the collection gives deep insight to truth. It started back in 1.10, but up to the current patch 1.12a there were only slight changes which are appropriately marked. Patch 1.12a didn't change any aspects relevant for gameplay as far as known by now.

You may always contact me via E-Mail, there's also a mailing link at the bottom of each FAQtoid page. No spam, please.
You won't find item lists to an extend here. Due to the german root of the page all linked item lists refer to Atair's german d2wissen page, which is simply the best and easiest to use site I'm aware of. Sometimes the deeplinks may not work, this is specific to the way d2wissen is set up and no subject to my control. Apologizes in advance that I haven't searched and won't search one or, worse, more pages with english listings for each FAQtoid article. There's always the Arreat Summit, blizzard's official web site, for comparison.

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attributes which modify your character directly

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All FAQtoids were collected over quite some years with lots of other people's help. Apologizes if in individual credits someone is missing.
Representative acknowledments to

  • Atair
  • Balkoth
  • black_spy
  • bernie4711
  • Dosbis
  • El
  • gautcho
  • gulasch
  • LastCorpse
  • nookiestar
  • Red Havoc
  • Tub
  • sucinum
  • winwood
  • and everyone I might have missed ...
  • adamantine
  • adeyke
  • Crystalion
  • GaiaCaT
  • Grimborn
  • Hammerman
  • Jarulf
  • Karon aka Rivo
  • Myrdinn
  • Nefarius
  • RTB
  • Ruvanal
  • tommi

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