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Locomotive Breath


Stamina Bar

Character's stamina determines the ability of running around all the time without breaks filled with gasping and coughing all the way.
It's represented by the small yellow bar at the middle of user's panel ingame. This will decreas e rapidly while running and regenerating slowly while walking and faster while standing still. It won't regenerate while fighting.
If a character has wasted all stamina he can't run anymore. Moving Speed has no affect to stamina drain.
Some monsters, especially insect types like Itchies, won't damage life but stamina; due to a bug this won't happen with ranged attacks.

actual stamina

All of character's actual stamina is composed of starting value, some bonus per level-up and a bonus per each point invested or gained by items in vitality. Also some items grant a direct bonus to stamina.

Stot = Sbase + S/vit + S/lev + Sequip

Stot: total stamina Sbase: starting value, base stamina S/vit: bonus per achieved point in vitality S/lev: bonus per level Sequip: bonus granted by items

class-specific stamina figures
Stamina per
Stamina per
vitality point
complete Status Point Table of all classes

stamina gain

This is the recovery or regeneration rate of the stamina bar.
There's a difference between walking and standing still.

while walking:

S/s = 25 * ([[Smax / 2] * (100 + Sreg) / 100] / 256)

S/s: stamina gained per second Smax: maximalum stamina Sreg: boni to stamina gain via skills or items [ ]: Floor Function

while standing still (not while fighting)

S/s = 25 * ([Smax * (100 + Sreg) / 100] / 256)

Arreat Summit also lists a third formula for walking in towns. It's actually the same one like walking in wilderness.

stamina loss

You loose stamina while running. Some skills and items grant the property '-x% slower stamina drain'.
This won't counteract stamina loss via enhancing total stamina, but via slowing the drain rate.

SL/s = 25 * (40 * (1 + [ArmorSpeed / 10]) * ItemDrainRate / 256)

SL/s: stamina loss per second ArmorSpeed: the penalty due to wearing medium or heavy armors ItemDrainRate: bonus to drain rate granted by items [ ]: Floor Function

armor weight penalty
Quilted Armor/Ghost Armor/Dusk ShroudLeather Armor/Serpentskin Armor/WyrmhideHard Leather Armor/Demonhide Armor/Scarab Husk0
(no penalty)
Quilted Armor
Ghost Armor
Dusk Shroud
Leather Armor
Serpentskin Armor
Hard Leather Armor
Demonhide Armor
Scarab Husk
Studded Leather Armor/Trellised Armor/Wire FleeceBreast Plate/Cuirass/Great HauberkLight Plate/Mage Plate/Archon Plate0
(no penalty)
Studded Leather Armor
Trellised Armor
Wire Fleece
Breast Plate
Great Hauberk
Light Plate
Mage Plate
Archon Plate
Ring Mail/Linked Mail/Diamond MailChain Mail/Mesh Armor/BoneweaveSplint Mail/Russet Armor/Balrog Skin5
Ring Mail
Linked Mail
Diamond Mail
Chain Mail
Mesh Armor
Splint Mail
Russet Armor
Balrog Skin
Field Plate/Sharktooth Armor/Kraken ShellGothic Plate/Embossed Plate/Lacquered PlateAncient Armor/Ornate Armor/Sacred Armor5
Field Plate
Sharktooth Armor
Kraken Shell
Gothic Plate
Embossed Plate
Lacquered Plate
Ancient Armor
Ornate Armor
Sacred Armor
Scale Mail/Tigulated Mail/Loricated MailPlate Mail/Templar Coat/Hellforged PlateFull Plate/Chaos Armor/Shadow Plate10
Scale Mail
Tigulated Mail
Loricated Mail
Plate Mail
Templar Coat
Hellforged Plate
Full Plate
Chaos Armor
Shadow Plate

Stamina Potion

Stamina Potion

Some of the vendors specialized in ointments sell an elixir which restores full stamina when drunk. In addition for 30 second's duration there's no stamina drain anymore, similar to usage of a Stamina Shrine. Also similar to shrine usage the stamina bar changes color to light blue then.
Drinking repeatedly those potions prolongs duration. So if you drink 20 elixirs successively you don't consume stamina for nearly ten minutes.
Some monsters will drop Stamina Potions, too.

Stamina Shrine

Stamina Shrine Icon

On your way to defeat evil you may also encounter a Stamina Shrine, recognizeable by its dove-alike icon. Activating the shrine will work similar to a stamina potion, but the effect lasts three minute's duration.
Using a common Well will heal 50% of maximum stamina's value, similar to life and mana.

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