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mana orb

Character's mana may be affected in various ways. Some properties are appropriate to use with spells, some will suit attacks more.
There's mana, and there's energy. You may push energy by investing status points, and those will be converted into mana depending on your character's class. Via equipment you may gain boni to mana as well as boni to energy. Energy granted by items is subject to same mana conversion mechanism.
Vendors sell blue potions, which will restore lost mana over some duration, you'll see in transparent blueish color how much mana will be gained when potion's effect ends. It is no common knowledge that a surplus of mana gained in potentia compared to maximum mana will calculate into mana loss when still casting spells during drinking.
Purple rejuvenation potions will heal mana (and life) immediately when drunk, little ones 35% of maximum value, big ones completely.
Non-player units don't have mana assigned, they don't need it.

total mana

energy displayed in character screen
Character's total mana is composed of starting value, a bonus given per each level-up, invested points in energy, and boni to mana and/or energy granted by equipment.

Manatot = ∑Mana * (1 + (M% / 100%) + MeneEquip + M/cLvlEquip ∑Mana = Mbase + M/lvlup + MeneP + Mequip + Mquest

Manatot: total mana Mbase: base mana, starting value M/lvlup: mana gained per level-up Mequip: mana gained by equipment M%: percentage mana boost granted by skills and/or equipment MeneP: mana gained per spent points in energy MeneEquip: mana gained per item boni to energy M/cLvlEquip: mana gained per item boni based on character's level Mquest: mana bonus from Alkor's Quest Reward

1.09 Marke In 1.09 formula was

Manatot = (∑Mana + MeneEquip + MeneEquip) * (1 + (M% / 100%))

class-specific values
Classbase manamana per
mana per
energy point
complete Status Point Table

mana regeneration

Characters automatically regenerate mana. If the blue bubble is completely emptied it needs two minutes to restore full capacity. This duration is fixed, unless skills or equipped items grant a bonus to mana regeneration rate.
So someone with a large amount of maximum mana regenerates more mana per time than someone with just a few points. Mana Regeneration Shrine Icon

You may encounter a Mana Regeneration Shrine somewhere out in the wilderness, recognizable by its blue bubblish icon. If activated it grants for some 90 seconds a bonus of 400% to mana regeneration.

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Paladin's Redemption aura destroys monster corpses and 'converts' them into mana (and life) points the Paladin (but not his allies) gains.
Paladin's Meditation aura and Sorceress' Warmth increase mana regeneration rate, the aura does this to all allies in range, Sorceress' is selfish here.

rule of thumb

Mr = (Mmax * Ri) / 120

Mr: regenerated mana per second Mmax: maximum mana Ri = (100 + %manaregeneration) / 100, thus sum of percentages granted by skills and items as decimal

exact formula

Mr = 25 * [[256 * Mmax / (25 * 120)] * Ri] / 256

[ ]: Floor Function

So items granting a bonus of 'x% to mana regeneration' equal those granting '+x% mana', unless the property '+x mana per character level' steps in (1.1x only).

Mana after each Kill - MaeK

This item property grants an amount of mana as reward for killing an enemy. The character only gains mana when enemy is directly killed, and not killed by character's minion(s).
It doesn't work with Sorceress' Hydra or Assassin's stationary Trap skills.

MaeK is best used if delivering attacks or spells with area of effect. Attacks and spells only dealing with one enemy at a time don't give much profit here.

Mana Leech - ML

If you deliver physical damage the physical way, you'll gain mana calculated by enemy's life loss due to physical damage. While dual-wielding two weapons (Assassin and Barbarian only) ML on a weapon will only count if this weapon did damage.
When entering Nightmare difficulty nominal leech is cut in half, when entering Hell it's cut to a third. This penalty is applied to the incoming figure, you still may leech with only one percent ML, but of course this is not very effective.
Leech is also subject to enemy's physical resistance, since this one reduces suffered damage.
Further to each unit a leech drain figure is assigned in MonStats.txt, which reduces leech effectiveness similar to a resistance.


x% damage taken goes to mana - dam2mana

Another item property, it should be called 'x% suffered damage taken goes to mana. The german localization is even more inaccurate here.
So if a character suffers damage, this damage's value is taken to calculate mana gained. This is not the way Sorceress' Energy Shield works, where damage is bypassed to mana.
Hirelings won't profit by that property, since they don't have (or need) mana.
The important difference for converting damage to mana using ranged attacks is not the delivered kind of damage but the fact if damage is applied by missiles which are defined in Missiles.txt with ReturnFire set to true. Combat attacks will always trigger damage to mana.

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mana damage and mana burn

An enemy monster may also damage mana instead of life.
'Ghostly' monsters like Wraiths, Finger Mages and Willowisps are prominent here.

Mana Burn is a boss attribute which should nominally do quadrupled life damage to mana when applied, but there is a little bug, since in fact it always deletes entire mana with melee attacks.
Since 1.10 such boss' minions will also apply mana burn.

In 1.1x manaburn steps in after dam2mana.

Necro cursed with Blood ManaAnother variation is the Blood Mana curse applied by some Succubi, Succubus Witches and Baal. They use it versus players which have higher maximum mana than maximum life. It causes life loss instead of mana loss if skills are used. See also detailed german description.

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Chance of Double Heal via potions

Blue potions are labelled with mana values they grant to recover. There's only a few people around knowing about the 'double heal' effect, which grants twice the labelled amount of mana gained.
This effect depends on character's energy.

up to 200 energy:

Chance = (energy / 4 )%

beyond 200 energy:

Chance = (100 - (10000 / energy)%

The effect happens irregardless of potion size.



Up to five different shrines may spawn on a given map. Some of them affect mana.

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