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Prevent Monster Heal - PMH

D2C Marke
LoD Marke

An item property which is not that common, you may as always see a list at Atair's german d2wissen. This property prevents the automatic life regeneration most monsters have assigned. This doesn't work with spells, similar to most trigger events it needs a successful attack. The effect lasts 120 000 frames (80 minutes). It even survives when all players leave the ground, but first successful attack when coming back will re-enable life regeneration. Unless it's again a PMH-triggering hit, that is.

PMH only steps in if the hit unit is in regeneration mode already, if unit is at full life it won't work. Unlike 1.09, Poison Damage or Open Wounds won't negate PMH anymore.

The effect only works in player versus monster constellation, hirelings are no subject to it.
Prime Uber Evils, the reincarnations in 1.11 bonus levels to solve Uber Tristram's Uber Quest, are immune to PMH.

Unlike other trigger events PMH is checked at every arrow of an Amazon's Multiple Shot spread.

where do you know that from?

Let me quote Myrdinn and his debugging analysis:

PMH is Player Versus Monster only. (sorry, no PMH for hirelings)
'Ubers prime evil' are immune to PMH
The code for this is

0099EE243D C0020000CMP EAX,2C0
0099EE297C 07JL SHORT D2Game.0099EE32
0099EE2B3D C5020000CMP EAX,2C5
0099EE307E 5CJLE SHORT D2Game.0099EE8E

if monster hcIdx(second column of Monstats.txt) ≥ 2C0 and Monster hcIdx ≤ 2C5 then Exit PMH SubRoutine

  • 2C0 = Hexadecimal hcIdx of ubermephisto
  • 2C1 = uberdiablo
  • 2C2 = uberizual
  • 2C3 = uberandariel
  • 2C4 = uberduriel
  • 2C5 = uberbaal

PMH is effective against all other monsters. Duration is set to 12000 Frames like in patch 1.10.

In an earlier posting Myrdinn gave one zero more than in this quoting. I assume he has forgotten one here, since in another posting he also claimed one more.


Slain Monsters rest in Peace

Another not so commonly spawned item property is this one, abbreviated SMRIP or just RIP. One more time refer to Atair's d2wissen for a list. Any monster killed by any means directly by a character wearing such an item doesn't leave a corpse. So neither foeish forces nor allies nor neutral other units can use a corpse-related ability on it. Usage of such an item in party should be announced.
The effect doesn't step in if it was one of player character's minion who did the killing.
Those player skills rely on corpses:

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