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Hit Freezes Target - HFT

D2C Marke
LoD Marke

An enemy suffering a HFT attack will freeze to the point. This is no Cold Damage, even if sometimes you may notice a blueish coloring anyways. Freeze doesn't affect Champions and Bosses of any kind, or hostile players. Similar to Hit Blinds Target the probability of triggering this event is controlled via boni on items, not via a fixed chance. Appropriate items are listed below, you may also refer to Atair's german d2wissen.


CtF = (30 + ((BonusF * 4) + atLvl - dfLvl) * 5) %

If attack is ranged, resulting chance is cut down to a third.

CtF: Chance to Freeze BonusF: sum of freeze boni atLvl: attacker level dfLvl: defender level

Freeze duration in frames is an uneven random figure from {27, ..., 2 * CtF/1% + 25}, thus lasts from one to nine seconds in Normal difficulty.
When entering Nightmare, nominal chance is cut in half, when entering Hell it's quartered.
Applying the effect with using a ranged attack will cut down the nominal chance to a third. Quite common with trigger events in 1.1x Amazon's Multiple Shot is checked only at middle two arrows of a spread.

Despite the fact that it is no Cold Damage enemy's resistance to cold steps in to modify freeze duration. But freeze duration is no subject to applied chill duration, both effects work independently. As an side effect Amazon's Freezing Arrow's splash damage doesn't gain profit by HFT, only the monster hit by the actual arrow is checked for HFT.

Suggested reading: Medusa Guide


items granting BonusF
VersionNameBonusitem type
Setbonus: Bonus you gain with fully equipped Set
2H: two-handed
* Immortal King found in 1.09 has no bonus
D2C MarkeWoe Stave1pole
D2C MarkeIce Blink1armor
D2C MarkeVidala's Rig1Setbonus
LoD Marke
1.10 Marke
four sockets
LoD MarkeBing Sz Wang22H sword
LoD Marke
1.10 Marke
Shadow Killer2claw
Assassin only
LoD Marke
1.10 Marke
Immortal King2Setbonus *
Barbarian only
D2C MarkeAxe of Fechmar32H axe
LoD MarkeSure Shrill Frost3blunt
LoD MarkeBuriza-Do Kyanon3crossbow
LoD Marke
1.10 Marke
Hand of Justice
3any weapon
four sockets
LoD Marke
1.10 Marke
Nord's Tenderizer2 - 4blunt
LoD Marke
1.10 Marke


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