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Blinded by the Light

Hit Blinds Target - HBT

D2C Marke
LoD Marke

If this chance is triggered by an attack the enemy is subject to Necromancer's Dim Vision curse. Skill level is set randomly between 1 and 20, this affects only effect's duration, since in difference to the curse HBT doesn't apply a radius but only affects the enemy who's hit.
Stationary enemies, Champions and Bosses of all kinds are immune to this effect. Same goes for hostile players.

There is no fixed percentage on an item granting this property. Each item has a bonus assigned, which is referred to during the calculation. Those boni are added if more than one HBT item are equipped. See listing in another d2library article about Dim Vision's mechanism. Despite it is written in german the table there covers english names, too.


CtB = (30 + ((Bonus * 4) + atLvl - dfLvl) * 5) % sLvlDV = [(CtB - Roll) / 5] + 1, maximum 20

CtB: Chance to Blind Bonus: sum of item's boni atLvl: Attacker Level dfLvl: Defender Level sLvlDV: Dim Vision skill level Roll: random figure from {0, ..., 99} [ ]: Floor Function

Using ranged attacks will decrease the result to a third. Similar to most trigger events Amazon's Multiple Shot is only checked at middle two arrows of a spread.
In Nightmare difficulty the nominal chance is cut in half, in Hell it's quartered.

Druid's Ravens are able to blind enemies since 1.10. Their chance's formula is similar to above, but atLvl becomes
atLvl = cLvlDruid + sLvlRaven - 2

PvP Marke You can't blind a hostile player. Hostile hirelings will gain the blinding animation, but you'll have to apply the effect quite early, since their targetting mechanism overrides blinding, if they're already upon your track. Same goes for hostile pets, with exception of Amazon's Valkyrie, which can't become blinded.


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