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Take a Chance on Me

Imbue by Charsi

So you've brought this silly little hammer back to Charsi. As a reward she'll imbue a white or grey item for you. If she won't, your character's level is below eight. Go ahead and play the game properly, you're way beyond eight when coming even in vicinity of the Horadric Malus at the Barracks following the regular way.

Base item and ethereal state will last the imbueing process. It doesn't matter if the item was superior, cracked or normal quality. staffmods and automods will be rerolled.

Internal level (iLvl) of the imbue-spawned item will be iLvl = cLvl + 4, this determines the spawnable affices. If the base item had a magical bonuslevel (bLvl) assigned, iLvl will become iLvl = cLvl + bLvl + 4. This is why diadems will gain all possible affices in potentia, when character's level is eight or better (I said you should play properly, didn't I). If staffmods may spawn on the item they'll gain slightly better chances than on items spawned by monster drops or gambling.

Since you may reroll Rares along with six Perfect Skulls using the Horadric Cube you can waste time in wait for interesting results. However, some of the most mighty weapons don't fit into the Cube with six gems.

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