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playing dice with the Horadric Cube

Since there's a quite good german publication about Affix Generation and related stuff by Nick043 I never felt the urgent press to develop this FAQtoid article much further.
So this actually a very short list of tidbits.


You'll find all recipes except craftings at the Arreat Summit's Horadric Cube page.
It's a bit slow with common modem connections.

Keep in mind that crafting output depends on character level (cLvl) and item level (iLvl) of the main input item, but item level of needed jewelry ingredients is irrelevant.
Crafting recipes and the few recipes needing a Stone of Jordan ring are partly affected by level of cubing character, whereas his level is not taken into account by any other recipe.

Socketing (magical) weapons in the Cube

Using the three-gems-of-a-quality recipe will grant randomly one or two sockets in addition to the commonly possible one prefix and/or one suffix on magical weaponry in Patch 1.1x. In Patch 1.09 it granted three sockets instead.
If you've found a white (nonmagical, unsocketed, socketable) weapon type you certainly want to cube for the chance of getting the 'cruel' prefix you may use it plus Ral + Amn + Perfect Amethyst to get a socketed version. Now you have either a nice weapon to put some Runeword into, or you may use the three Standard Gems + socketed weapon recipe to change it into a magical weapon.
That magical weapon (or a already magical weapon you've found) can be cubed again and again with either three Chipped, three Standard or three Flawless Gems; the Standard Gem recipe will need an already socketed weapon.
Beware, all three recipes accept Rares, Uniques and Sets as input!

Well, cubing cruels is a bit out of fashion. Anyway, following list shows all weapons which can get the 'cruel' prefix via Horadric Cube. The quality level (qLvl) of these items is higher than cube recipe's internal level (iLvl) for cubing output, and it's high enough to allow spawning 'cruel'.
As far as I know the same mechanism also applies to Charsi's Imbue Quest Reward and the crafting recipes, provided character's level is not too low, and of course in case of crafting there has to be an appropriate recipe.
Maybe known already, but none of the Caster Weapon recipe's input weapons can spawn with 'cruel' prefix except some Scepters.

Maybe another list is of interest, too, it covers all wands and orbs which can spawn +2 to all necromancer or sorceress skills. Generating staffmods and automods is an independent process and will be rerolled with each try. However, in theory you can get additively a bonus of up to three points to up to three single skills.
As a side note, staves, wands and orbs aren't allowed to spawn 'cruel' in any case.

upgrading runes

In ladder, open battle.net and single player mode you may upgrade runes beyond Dol.
In nonladder mode this recipes are disabled.


Quite a lengthy chapter about sockets is found in the item FAQtoid page.
Socketing at Larzuk's or via Horadric Cube is possible with items which

  1. are allowed to spawn with sockets, so
    • headdresses
    • armors
    • shields
    • weaponry except throwing weapons
  2. don't have sockets already
    only exception here are the three-gems-of-a-quality-plus-weapon recipes, which reroll socket count with each try.

upgrading Uniques and Rares

level requirment

Upgrade results of Uniques and Rares will gain the appropriate higher strength and dexterity requirements. The character level requirement (cLvlrq) will increase depending on input's true cLvlrq compared to output's base item cLvlrq.
Upgrading Normal Items to Exceptionals increases cLvlrq by five, Exceptionals to Elites by seven. If input's true cLvlrq was lower than output's base item cLvlrq, output's base item cLvlrq will be increased. If input's true cLvlrq was higher than output's base item cLvlrq, input's cLvlrq will be increased.
Bloodfist's base item has no level requirement. It becomes Sharkskin Gloves via upgrade, which has cLvlrq25, so upgrade will result in cLvlrq30. Silks of the Victor has true cLvlrq28, which is higher than new base item cLvlrq25 for Ornate Armor, so upgrade will result in cLvlrq33.

upgrade recipes


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