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Crime of the Century

All that crossclass skills Nonsense

Well, blizz implemented it, questions about it arise, I'll write down what I've found about it.
I never said I liked everything in the game.

LoD Marke
1.09 Marke
1.10 Marke

LoD invented a huge bunch of trigger events and Charges of some skills any character is allowed to use regardless of class. In addition, as if it wasn't worse enough that way, 1.10 invented so-called oskills, which grant any class a skill as if it was a native one. Triggers are covered in a separate FAQtoid, so I won't discuss those here.

Some rules are still intact. No-one may summon more than one Golem or different kinds of Wolves at once, regardless of the means granting those skills.

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A character may use Charges granted by items similar to native skills, but they'll cost gold instead of mana. Because the amount of Charges on an item is limited the item itself must periodically be brought to a blacksmith to restore them. Another possibility is to reload them via the Horadric Cube's recipes weapon + Ort Rune + a CG or armor piece + Ral Rune + a CG respectively. Omitting the gem will just repair the item, but won't refill Charges. All those recipes won't work with ethereal items.
If an item is destroyed, recognizable by reddish background color in inventory, spare Charges can't be used anymore.
Skill level of Charges is not enhanceable.

1.10 Marke During 1.10 Charges synergized both native skills and appropriate other Charges and vice versa. So a Necromancer wearing Marrowwalk boots which grant sLvl33 Bone Prison Charges gained fully 33 points to his boney spells, unless he invested points into his native Bone Prison spell. Any character wearing a Stone / ShaelUmPulLum armor and unique Metal Grid amulet could use either a synergized Clay Golem granted by Stone or a synergized Iron Golem granted by Metal Grid.
1.11 Marke 1.11 fixed that disgusting feature. Charges will be synergized now, but they don't give synergies.

skill level and amount of Charges

An affix like those listed in some databases may grant '20 Charges of sLvl3 Skill', but this doesn't mean it always is spawned in that combination. In fact this means mod1min = 20 and mod1max = 3 in MagicSuffix.txt or other configuration files is defined. The actual generated combination of amount and sLvl is calculated this way:

sLvl = [(iLvl - cLvlrq) / [neg((99 - cLvlrq) / max)]] Nchrg = [(neg(min) * sLvl) / 8] + neg(min)

sLvl: skill level iLvl: internal item level cLvlrq: character level needed to enable the skill (by the class to which skill is native) neg: result becomes negative min, max: affix' parameter * Nchrg: amount of Charges [ ]: Floor Function

* since all those are negative figures for charges the negation in the formula will become a positive value

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LoD Marke
1.10 Marke

oskills were invented with Patch 1.10 and are famous amongst all those unable to play a character properly with native skills. oskills grant a skill regardless of class, this skill will cost mana similar to a native skill.
You may encounter two variations, items granting an aura and all others.


Some items grant a Paladin's aura when equipped. Skill level of that aura can't be enhanced. If a unit wears more than one item, all granting the same aura, the skill levels will sum up. Not added are skill level of item aura and skill level of same native aura, only the strongest aura is active then. Multiple aurae can orifinate from one unit this way.
Equipped aurae may get synergies, but they don't synergize other skills.
If a hireling wearing an aura-granting item dies during the battle he must be re-equipped after resurrection to activate the aura again. Only the last equipped aura will work, in addition to his native one (if he has any), this was very recently patched to fix a loophole which was abused a lot.
An Iron Golem made out of an aura-granting item will also activate the aura.

all others

Learn to recognize the difference between a common skill bonus to a class and an oskill. Compare Mage Wrath with Widow Maker. Both will grant a bonus to Amazon's Guided Arrow skill. But Mage Wrath lists the property as '+3 Guided Arrow (Amazon only)', whereas it just shows '+3 Guided Arrow' on Widowmaker.
So any time a skill bonus is not marked explicitly to be granted only to the original class it is an oskill accessible by any class.

Those oskills will be enhanced by items granting boni to all skills, irregardless of class, like the Annihilus charm or the Stone of Jordan ring.
They won't be enhanced via boni to all class skills neither of the character wearing the oskill item nor the class from which the skill is stolen.

If a character wears items which grant him an oskill bonus to one of his native skills this bonus is limited to three. So a Sorceress wearing three pieces of the Trang Oul Set won't gain +18 to Fire Ball, but +3, this also applies to the Iron Wolf.

There seems to be a little glitch, an oskill may overwrite class-specific restrictions of staffmods, so this staffmod bonus becomes available to all classes. This could happen due to socketing weapon runeword Passion / DolOrtEldLem into a scepter which grants a bonus to Zeal as staffmod already.



special arrows granted by certain missile weapons

D2C Marke
LoD Marke

This is a very special variant of an oskill (and indeed hardcoded to an extent, has nothing to do with today's oskills). Some missile weapons will replace Standard Shooting Attack with the very same arrows an Amazon shoots when using Fire Arrow or Magical Arrow, respectively. This won't cost any mana.
Using another shooting skill will override the special arrow ability, that is, an Amazon can't shoot a Multiple Shot spread consisting of Exploding Arrows this way.

The native skills' inherent bonus to attack rating is not applied. It is never, so dump it.

skill level of inbuilt special arrows
1.09 Marke1.10 Marke
* didn't spawn in 1.09
** unknown, since it spawns only on closed realms
Icon MA Magical Arrow Icon MA
Witchwild String120
M'Avina's Casterkein1
Widow Maker- *11
Icon ExA Exploding Arrow Icon ExA
Raven Claw303
Kuko Shakaku17
Demon Machine16
Blood Raven's Charge- *13
- *15? **

Exploding Arrow's splash damage won't trigger events or Crushing Blow anymore like it did in 1.09. Fire damage from equipment will carry into the splash, this also applies to Paladin's Holy Fire and Sorceress' Enchant. Fire Mastery will enhance damage of the explosion itself.

Due to unknown reasons 'shoots exploding arrows' doesn't work on Act1 Rogues, only graphics output indicates otherwise. 'shoots magic arrows' does work for Rogues.


Piercing is restricted to ranged attacks only. A missile may hit an enemy, pierce him and hit another enemy behind the first one. If range doesn't expire before this may happen up to four times, thus five enemies may be heit by one missile. If any Chance to Hit check fails in between the missile won't pierce anymore. Guideed Arrows aren't allowed to pierce anymore, this worked only in 1.09.
The item property is exactly the same like Amazon's Pierce skill. Amazon's native piercing chance and the chance granted by an item will be summed up. So if using unique belt Razortail the Amazon may hit the 100% Chance to Pierce chance with any weapon.

D2C Marke Once upon a time (Patch 1.06?) spellcasters could also benefit from piercing.

items granting pierce attack
bow: bow;
xbw: crossbow
cpl: complete Set Bonus
tkni: Throwing Knife
belt: Sharkskin Belt
D2C MarkeVidala's Rig50%bow, kpl
D2C MarkeStormstrike25%bow
LoD MarkeKuko Shakaku50%bow
D2C MarkeIchorsting50%xbw
D2C MarkeDoomslinger35%xbw
LoD MarkeBuriza-Do Kyanon100%xbw
LoD MarkeDemon Machine66%xbw
LoD Marke
1.1x Marke
Gut Siphon33%xbw
LoD Marke
1.1x Marke
War Shrike50%tkni
LoD MarkeRazortail33%belt

Paladin and Revives

A Paladin using the Revive Charges granted by Blood Raven's Charge or Eternity / AmnBerIstSolSur will loose 12,5% of his maximum life for each Revive. If he doesn't heal in between he'll die while summoning the eighth Revive. This is a very ancient hardcoded effect. It would also step in if the Pal would summon Necromancer's Skeletons or Skeleton Mages, but this is not enabled in unmodified game.

see also:


Reanimate as: Returned

This item property, as found on unique pole Tomb Reaver and missile weapon runeword Faith / OhmJahLemEld, grants 10% chance to create a 'Returned' skeleton out of a just defeated monster. This Returned will fight for about one minute on player's side, before it expires. It won't follow the player, it is no minion (also it is not summoned technically, so the Paladin is no subject to aforesaid effect), it is subject to common monster spawning rules. That is, its life is adjusted by player count, its level will inherit area level.


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