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Each character class starts into virtual life with a given amount of strength.
See small table for reference.
character screen's strength display

class-specific starting values for strength
Classstarting value
Status Point Table
of all characters

why muscles?

Well, any character needs at least some strength to wear equipment. Unlike to other (you may say 'true') Role Playing Games it's needed just to wear actual equipment, character's inventory is no subject to strength requirements.
Lots of items will grant a bonus to strength, so the equipping order of actually worn stuff may be of some interest.
Since 1.10 it is possible (again) to wear an item granting strength bonus and fulfil that item's requirement with its own bonus. You must equip some additional stuff to meet item's requirement for the first time, but once worn you don't need the additional stuff anymore (say, Charms).
But if you pay with your life for unawareness of the dangers evil may throw at you you can't loot your corpse properly then, like with equipping such an item the very first time you have to build up additional strength for looting. If you haven't enough space left in inventory to loot your corpse's stuff which you can't equip, there's still a corpse left with the remaining items.
If you haven't learned anything you'll die some more times. Since 1.10 the game engine can manage up to 16 corpses per player during a session. If you leave the game in one way or another, only one corpse is saved. It's the corpse containing the items which would earn you most gold if sold to the vendors. Due to low pries assigned to Uniques this is most probably not the corpse containing the items you consider as most valuable.
This little FAQtoid is of no concern to players in hardcore mode, for obvious reasons.

equipping order

  1. Helm (head)
  2. Amulet (neck)
  3. Armor (torso)
  4. right arm
  5. left arm
  6. right ring
  7. left ring
  8. Belt
  9. Shoes
  10. Gloves

Consider 'left' and 'right' from character's perspective, not from your third party view. The very special handling of dual-wielding weapons is discussed en detail at the FAQtoid about some skills.
Charms in inventory count first when looting your former corpse; if you're fully equipped they count last. This also affects visibility of your gear to other players.

If a character matches equipment requirements just by equipping, his gear will or won't be displayed to other players dependent on aforesaid equipping order. This doesn't affect functionality, with one exception left ...

strength bug

If one special condition is matched, wearing your gear especially via Charms will have a very solid impact to game mechanism.
A character wearing items which grant boni to Faster Run and Walk - FRW - just with support of other items which are checked later in equipping order won't properly update his position on other players' clients.
So if a character is just able to wear his FRW shoes with strength boni from Charms, his movement is displayed calculating velocity without that shoes to other players. This causes desynchronization and is very disgusting PvP behaviour.
I haven't heard about it yet, but this mechanism should also apply to attack speed and casting speed. Pay attention to this one.

see also:

damage modification

If your character is designed to happily slaughter away enemies by raw forces your strength value may effect your physical damage output depending on your chosen weapon.
This bonus is attached to the kind of weapon, not to the class wearing that weapon.

damage modification to different weapons via status points
weapon class%ED/str%ED/dexNotes
melee weapons
hammers1,10all two-handed plus
War Hammer, Battle Hammer, Legendary Mallet
throwing weapons
0,750,75no matter if used in
close or ranged combat
claws0,750,75Assassin only
amazon spezific
spears and javelins
0,80,5Amazon only; no matter if used in
close or ranged (javelins) combat
missile weapons01but strength requirement must be met

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