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Vendors usually sell items with an internal level of iLvl = cLvl + 5.
Affix level (aLvl) of items with no magical bonus level (bLvl) is determined via iLvl ≥ aLvl, otherwise it's alvl = max(iLvl, qLvl) + bLvl.
Character level, requirement is determined by max(aLvl, qLvl), thus will use the bigger value of either the highest generated affix or base item's requirement.
So you have
iLvl: internal item level
cLvl: charakter's level
aLvl: affix level
qLvl: 'quality level' of an item, compare item section of Arreat Summit
bLvl: bonus level of some items

Skill Group

In Normal difficulty vendors will sell items up to a fixed iLvl, see table for details.
If iLvl ≥ 25 only magical items will be offered.
This may be of interest to someone strolling around in search for some white or grey runeword blank providing nice staffmods.

Assassin's claws are the only class-specific items the merchants will offer.

Player skills are subdivided into groups, which will affect staffmod generation. The huge table below doesn't list Amazon's skills since they can't spawn as staffmods, Primal Helmets and Pelts, since they aren't offered.

cLvlSkill Group
cLvl ≤ 680%20% -
7 ≤ cLvl ≤ 1330%50%20% -
14 ≤ cLvl ≤ 1910%20%50%20% -
20 ≤ cLvl ≤ 31 - 10%20%50%20% 
32 ≤ cLvl ≤ 99 - 10%20%50%20%

1.09 Marke In 1.09 a bug allowed Elzix to sell druid pelts.

Beyond cLvl20 only magical items will be offered. Exceptions are Akara and Drognan in Normal.
Character's level will restrict vendor's offerings of staffmod items according to table beneath. It also shows why certain skills will exclude each other, they're differing too much. Further Assassin's skills from Groups 1 and 2 can't spawn on claws, since simple claws don't allow staffmod assignment at all and the better ones won't regularly spawn staffmods from both low Groups.

see also:
Skill Groups
X not available at merchants'
1Fire Blast XAmplify DamageSacrificeFire Bolt
Claw Mastery XTeethSmiteWarmth
Psychic Hammer XBone ArmorMightCharged Bolt
Tiger Strike XSkeleton MasteryPrayerIce Bolt
Dragon Talon XRaise SkeletonResist FireFrozen Armor
2Shock Web XDim VisionHoly BoltInferno
Blade Sentinel XWeakenHoly FireStatic Field
Burst of Speed XPoison DaggerThornsTelekinesis
Fists of Fire XCorpse ExplosionDefianceFrost Nova
Dragon Claw XClay GolemResist ColdIce Blast
3Charged Bolt SentryIron MaidenZealBlaze
Wake of Fire SentryTerrorChargeFire Ball
Weapon BlockBone WallBlessed AimNova
Cloak of ShadowsGolem MasteryCleansingLightning
Cobra StrikeRaise Skeleton MageResist LightningShiver Armor
4Blade FuryConfuseVengeanceFirewall
FadeLife TapBlessed HammerEnchant
Shadow warriorPoison ExplosionConcentrationChain Lightning
Claws of ThunderBone SpearHoly FreezeTeleport
Dragon TailBlood GolemVigorGlacial Spike
5Lightning SentryAttractConversionMeteor
Wake of Inferno SentryDecrepifyHoly ShieldThunderstorm
Mind BlastBone PrisonHoly ShockEnergy Shield
Blades of IceSummon ResistSanctuary>Blizzard
Dragon FlightIron Golem>MeditationChilling Armor
6Death SentryLower ResistFist of HeavensFire Mastery
Blade ShieldPoison NovaFanaticismaHydra
VenomBone SpiritConvictionLightning Mastery
Shadow MasterFire GolemRedemptionFrozen Orb
Phoenix StrikeReviveSalvationCold Mastery

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