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Knockback - KB

D2C Marke
LoD Marke
KB Chances - examples
sizemonster classchance
Act Bosses and stationary monsters (Towers, Catapults etc),
also Golems are no subject to KB.
complete list
largeGreater Mummy25%
Siege Beast
Corrupted Rogue
Player Character

Chance to knock back

Physically delivered attacks may push away an enemy depending on his size. Provided there's space left behind that enemy.
Most flying units are treated as large, even if graphics output indicates otherwise.

Some units won't suffer Knockback, see listing at the very end of this FAQtoid.

The chance itself is boolean, that is it doesn't matter if you wear one ore more items granting KB. Item list can be found at Atair's german d2wissen. Some skills also grant KB.

Paladin's Sanctuary aura only pushes undead away. Knockback distance is dependent on skill level here, there is no difference in monster size.
Like with most trigger events since 1.10 KB is checked only at middle two arrows of Amazon's Multiple Shot spread.

Those units may apply Knockback otherwise

Knockback range

Knockback distance is set to the limits of a 7x7 square of subtiles with the base tile of the unit as center. Thus distance varies depending on direction between approximately 2 yards and 2.66 yards. Only the position of the unit dealing the KB effect during impact determines the direction of the effect upon the enemy.

see also



units which won't suffer Knockback

'objectish' immobile units
mobile units
allied units

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