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Just fight in areas where your opponents are about same level like your character.

experience gain
cLvlExpRationetto %
netto% is rounded

Bah, if you really need to know more about it ...
This table shows experience gained as a percentage value, if a character kills a monster with mLvl = cLvl. Scaling factors like level difference, player count and party bonus don't figure in here.

In 1.1x some maps get increased area level compared to 1.09. In addition monster level (mLvl) of map's inhabitants is set to match area level in Nightmare and Hell. So there's great opportunity to gain some extra experience where it wasn't possible before. Plus drop's quality is increased, since treasure class and mLvl are connected.
Most prominent are maps with area level 85 in Hell:

mLvl and areaLvl in Nightmare and Hell
kind of monstermonster level
in Normal mLvl is taken from MonStats.txt directly
normal monstermLvl = areaLvl
ChampionsmLvl = areaLvl + 2
random bossmLvl = areaLvl + 3
boss minionsmLvl = areaLvl + 3

No subject to this rules are Act Bosses, some Quest Bosses and Superunique Bosses, see Bosses FAQtoid. Same for Putrid Defilers. Have a listing:

This page also contains a listing of all area levels at the appendix. I'm only aware of a german source for quickly checking maps and inhabitants, you may've guessed already I refer to Atair's d2wissen.
It lacks the 1.11 areas related to Hellfire Torch. Those maps all have area level of 83, whereas the Prime Uber Evils and the Lesser Prime Uber Evils themselves have mLvl=110.

A character dying in Nightmare difficulty looses 5% of the total experience needed to gain next cLvl, in Hell difficulty it's 10%. If you can save your corpse you'll regain 75% of the straight lost experience. It is even possible to levelup when looting your own corpse, if you have gained enough experience on the way back to it.

Conversed monsters' kills will give experience to the converting character, their own death during conversion won't. Kills by thorny damage will give experience to the character causing the thorny effect. Surprisingly kills by thorny damage reflected from boney walls give no experience.

Hireling's experience is calculated separately, it is not substracted from character's exp.
There's also a formula:

Exp/lvl = (exp/lvl) * hLvl2 * (hLvl + 1)

Exp/lvl: experience needed to level up (exp/lvl): hireling.txt entry hLvl: actual hireling level

Up to Patch 1.10 a hireling gained per kill a maximum of 1/64 experience needed to level up. No matter if the killed were Blood Moor Zombies or Diablo. If the character or his pets killed a monster, the hireling got a maximum of 1/192 experience needed to level up.
Patch 1.11 did change this detail.

see also:



list of all area levels
areaLevelName in game
original table by Ruvanal
Act I
Wilderness 113667Blood MoorBlutmoor
Cave 113679Den of EvilHöhle des Bösen
Wilderness 223668Cold PlainsKalte Ebene
Cave 223677Cave Level 1Höhle
Cave 2 Treasure23778Cave Level 2Höhle Ebene2
Graveyard33680Burial GroundsFriedhof
Crypt 1 A33783CryptKrypta
Crypt 2 A33785MausoleumMausoleum
Wilderness 343768Stony FieldFeld der Steine
Cave 343769Underground Passage Level 1Untergrund Passage Ebene1
Cave 3 Treasure43883Underground Passage Level 2Untergrund Passage Ebene2
Wilderness 453868Dark WoodDunkelwald
Cave 453880Hole Level 1Loch Ebene1
Cave 4 Treasure53981Hole Level 2Loch Ebene2
Wilderness 563869Black MarshSchwarzmoor
Crypt 3 A73875Tower Cellar Level 1Vergessener Turm Ebene1
Crypt 3 B73976Tower Cellar Level 2Vergessener Turm Ebene2
Crypt 3 C74077Tower Cellar Level 3Vergessener Turm Ebene3
Crypt 3 D74178Tower Cellar Level 4Vergessener Turm Ebene4
Crypt 3 E74279Tower Cellar Level 5Vergessener Turm Ebene5
Wilderness 683969Tamoe HighlandTamoe-Hochland
Cave 573985Pit Level 1Grube Ebene1
Cave 5 Treasure74085Pit Level 2Grube Ebene2
Monastery84070Monastery GateKlosterpforte
Courtyard 194070Outer CloisterÄußeres Kloster
Jail 1104171Jail Level 1Gefängnis Ebene1
Jail 2104171Jail Level 2Gefängnis Ebene2
Jail 3104171Jail Level 3GefÄngnis Ebene3
Courtyard 2104172Inner CloisterInneres Kloster
Catacombs 1114272Catacombs Level 1Katakomben Ebene1
Catacombs 2114273Catacombs Level 2Katakomben Ebene2
Catacombs 3124373Catacombs Level 3Katakomben Ebene3
Catacombs 4124373Catacombs Level 4Katakomben Ebene4
Moo Moo Farm286481Moo Moo FarmWeideland
Act II
Sewer 1 A134374Sewers Level 1Kanalisation Ebene1
Sewer 1 B134374Sewers Level 2Kanalisation Ebene2
Sewer 1 C144475Sewers Level 3Kanalisation Ebene3
Desert 1144375Rocky WasteFelsige Öde
Tomb 1 A124478Stony Tomb Level 1Steingrab Ebene1
Tomb 1 Treasure124479Stony Tomb Level 2Steingrab Ebene2
Desert 2154476Dry HillsVerdorrte Hügel
Tomb 2 A124479Halls of the Dead Level 1Hallen der Toten Ebene1
Tomb 2 B134581Halls of the Dead Level 2Hallen der Toten Ebene2
Tomb 2 Treasure134582Halls of the Dead Level 3Hallen der Toten Ebene3
Desert 3164576Far OasisFerne Oase
Lair 1 A174584Maggot Lair Level 1Wurmgruft Ebene1
Lair 1 B174584Maggot Lair Level 2Wurmgruft Ebene2
Lair 1 Treasure174685Maggot Lair Level 3Wurmgruft Ebene3
Desert 4174677Lost CityVerlorene Stadt Eeeeh
Sewer 2 A174685Ancient TunnelsAlte Tunnels
Desert 5184677Valley of SnakesTal der Schlangen
Tomb 3 A144782Claw Viper Temple Level 1Klauenviperntempel Ebene1
Tomb 3 Treasure144783Claw Viper Temple Level 2Klauenviperntempel Ebene2
Corrupt Harem 1134778Harem Level 2Harem Ebene 2
Basement 1134778Palace Cellar Level 1Palastkeller Ebene1
Basement 2134778Palace Cellar Level 2Palastkeller Ebene2
Basement 3134878Palace Cellar Level 3Palastkeller Ebene3
Arcane144879Arcane SanctuaryGeheime Zuflucht
Valley of the Kings164879Canyon of the MagiSchlucht der Magier
Tomb Tal 1174980Tal Rasha's TombTal Rashas erstes Grab
Tomb Tal 2174980Tal Rasha's TombTal Rashas zweites Grab
Tomb Tal 3174980Tal Rasha's TombTal Rashas drittes Grab
Tomb Tal 4174980Tal Rasha's TombTal Rashas viertes Grab
Tomb Tal 5174980Tal Rasha's TombTal Rashas fünftes Grab
Tomb Tal 6174980Tal Rasha's TombTal Rashas sechstes Grab
Tomb Tal 7174980Tal Rasha's TombTal Rashas siebtes Grab
Duriel's Lair174980Duriel's LairDuriels Höhle
Jungle 1214979Spider ForestSpinnenwald
Spider 1215079Arachnid Lair
auch: Spider Cave
Spider 2215079Spider CavernSpinnenhöhle
Jungle 2215080Great MarshGroßes Moor
Jungle 3225080Flayer JungleSchinderdschungel
Dungeon 1 A215180Swampy Pit Level 1Sumpfloch Ebene1
Dungeon 1 B215181Swampy Pit Level 2Sumpfloch Ebene2
Dungeon 1 Treasure215182Swampy Pit Level 3Sumpfloch Ebene3
Dungeon 2 A225181Flayer Dungeon Level 1Schinder Dungeon Ebene1
Dungeon 2 B225182Flayer Dungeon Level 2Schinder Dungeon Ebene2
Dungeon 2 Treasure225183Flayer Dungeon Level 3Schinder Dungeon Ebene3
Kurast 1225280Lower KurastUnter Kurast
Sewer 1235284Sewers Level 1Kanalisation Ebene1
Sewer 2245385Sewers Level 2Kanalisation Ebene2
Kurast 2225281Kurast BazaarBasar von Kurast
Temple 1235384Ruined TempleZerfallener Tempel
Temple 2235384Disused FaneVerlassenes Heiligtum
Kurast 3235281Upper KurastOber Kurast
Temple 3235384Forgotten ReliquaryVergessener Reliquienschrein
Temple 4245485Forgotten TempleVergessener Tempel
Kurast 4245381Kurast CausewayDamm von Kurast
Temple 5245485Ruined FaneZerfallenes Heiligtum
Temple 6245485Disused ReliquaryVerlassener Reliquienschrein
Mephisto 1255583Durance of Hate Level 1Kerker des Hasses Ebene1
Mephisto 2255583Durance of Hate Level 2Kerker des Hasses Ebene2
Mephisto 3255583Durance of Hate Level 3Kerker des Hasses Ebene3
Act IV
Mesa 1265682Outer SteppesÄußere Steppe
Mesa 2265683Plains of DespairEbene der Verzweiflung
Mesa 3275784City of the DamnedStadt der Verdammten
Lava 1275785River of FlameFlammenfluß
Diablo 1285885Chaos SanctuariumChaos Sanctuarium
Act V
Siege 1245880Bloody FoothillsBlutiges Vorgebirge
Barricade 1255981(F)Rigid HighlandsEishochland
Hell 1396081AbaddonAbaddon
Barricade 2266081Arreat PlateauArreat Hochebene
Hell 2396182Pit of AcheronGrube von Acheron
Ice Cave 1296182Crystalline Passage
auch: Crystalized Cavern Level1
Ice Cave 1A296183Frozen River
auch: Cellar of Pity
Ice Cave 2296183Glacial Trail
auch: Crystalized Cavern Level2
Ice Cave 2A296184Drifter Cavern
auch: Echo Chamber
Temple Entrance326383Nihlathak's TempleNihlataks Tempel
Temple 1336383Halls of AnguishHallen der Qual
Temple 2346484Halls of Pain
auch: Halls of Death's Calling
Hallen der Schmerzen
Temple Boss366484Halls of VaughtHallen von Vaught
Barricade Snow276081Frozen Tundra
auch: Tundra Wastelands
Gefrorene Tundra
Hell 3396283Infernal PitInfernogrube
Ice Cave 3296282Ancient's Way
auch: Glacial Caves Level1
Weg der Urahnen
Ice Cave 3A296283Icy Cellar
auch: Glacial Caves Level2
Mountain Top376887Arreat Summit
auch: Rocky Summit
Gipfel des Arreat
Baal Temple 1396585The Worldstone Keep Level 1Weltsteinturm Ebene1
Baal Temple 2406585The Worldstone Keep Level 2Weltsteinturm Ebene2
Baal Temple 3426685The Worldstone Keep Level 3Weltsteinturm Ebene3
Throne Room436685Throne of DestructionThron der Zerstörung
World Stone436685The Worldstone ChamberKammer des Weltsteins
Matron's Den--83Matronenhöhle
Forgotten Sands--83Vergessene Wüste
Furnace of Pain--83Glutofen der Pein
Uber Tristram--83Über Tristram

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